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Voice Over Ip Services

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VoIP phone systems

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What Does Voice Over Ip Services Voice Over Internet Protocol Mean?

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About Voice Over Ip Services

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Upgrade to VoIP phone systems

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The benefits of switching to a Voice Over Ip Services

voip-service-saves-money Saving money on your phone and communications is one of the most attractive things about using Voice Over Ip Services, but there are also many other great advantages to switching to VoIP in addition to the costs compared to traditional phone services.

Some of the enhanced phone features that are available with Voice Over Ip Services:

• No more busy signals since calls can always be routed to a voice mailbox or cell phone.
• A auto attendant that can be used across multiple locations or satellite offices.
• Direct inbound dialing numbers and extensions for every user including mobile sales force.
• Local or 800 phone numbers for almost every area code in the US and Canada.

And, once again, the most important reason to switch to Business VoIP:

VoIP saves money.

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